The Top Penang Restaurants | Where to Eat at The Top Penang


Built as part of the KOMTAR complex in George Town, Penang, The Top Penang is the world’s largest indoor theme park, and Penang’s highest entertainment tower. It is a great idea to pay this attraction a visit with your family and spend your day enjoying the diversely marvelous attractions that are housed within the complex. This iconic site is brimming with a multitude of choices that are sure to satiate not just your appetite for great food, but also your thirst for adventure.

The Top Penang Restaurants

You’ll be spoiled for choice with the endless entertainment options and diverse cuisines on offer. From a fine dining experience at the Top View Restaurant to more casual options with restaurants like Only Mee or Marrybrown, there is a lot on offer. You can even visit a recreation of Malaysian hawker street food stalls in air-conditioned comfort!

Fine Dining at The Top Penang

the top penang restaurant

Top View Restaurant

Grab a seat at the 68th floor of The TOP Penang and settle in for a luxurious evening of fine dining with an unhindered 360-degree view of George Town. This is the highest rooftop bar in Penang and offers excellent à la carte international cuisine. During the day there is local food on the menu and European-inspired fine dining in the evenings. Visit at sunset to take in the stunning views. 

Average price: RM 150

Timings: 12 PM to 10 PM

Location: Level 68

Casual Dining Restaurants at The Top Penang

There are also a number of other restaurants located at Level 5 featuring more casual options for both local and international cuisine.

the top penang restaurant


Enjoy local Malay delicacies made with fresh spices and mouth-watering ingredients, inspired by popular authentic kampung style Northern Malay food in a lovely and comfortable homely setting food at UMI.

Average price: RM 30

the top penang restaurant

Only Mee

Order comforting meals of steaming bowls of rice or 

slurp-worthy ramen, with hearty soups and lip-smacking broth. Their noodles are freshly made to create wholesome comfort food.

Average price: RM 17


This popular Malaysian fast food restaurant serves fried chicken, finger food, burgers, and plenty of desserts and beverages. Also try the local dishes on their menu, like nasi lemak, porridge, and noodles.

Average price: RM 25

U Pop I Scream

This excellent dessert store serves specially imported Italian gelato in a range of lip-smacking flavors like Sour Cherry Cream, Coffee Cravin, Ocean Blue, and Dark Chocolate Devotion.

Average price: RM 20

Frequently Asked Questions About The Top Penang Restaurants

Q. Are there restaurants at The Top Penang?

A. Yes, there are plenty of wonderful restaurants at The Top Penang, including Marrybrown, Umi, Japan Food Street – and more. You can also choose fine dining options with the Top View Restaurant on the 68th floor, or the Tea Lounge on the 59th floor.

Q. Where can you eat at The Top Penang?

A. There are plenty of options where you can eat at The Top Penang, with many restaurants on Level 5, as well as fine dining options on Levels 68 and 59.

Q. How much does it cost to eat at The Top Penang?

A. At the casual restaurants, on average, you’ll spend around RM106- 50 on a meal, depending on what you order. However, the fine dining restaurants can cost up to RM 150.

Q. What are The Top Penang restaurants available?

A. The Top Penang offers a wide selection of restaurants, such as Umi, Only Mee, Japan Food Street, Italian Job Pizzaria, Richdad, Market Food Street, Marrybrown, and U Pop I Scream.

Q. Can you get vegetarian food at The Top Penang Restaurants?

A. Yes, you can find delicious vegetarian food from almost all the restaurants at The Top Penang.

Q. What can you eat at The Top Penang?

A. You can eat everything from cafe food and local street food to authentic Malaysian meals and international fine dining at The Top Penang.

Q. Do you need to buy tickets to visit The Top Penang Restaurants?

A. Yes, you will need tickets to be admitted to the complex and to enjoy its facilities.

Q. Till when are The Top Penang Restaurants open?

A. On average, most of The Top Penang restaurants close by 7PM. However, the Top View Restaurant and the Tea Lounge close at 10 PM.

Q. What are the opening hours of The TOP Penang?

A. The TOP Penang operates from 11 AM to 7 PM every day. It remains closed every Tuesday except during occasions of public holidays or school holidays.

Q. What is The TOP Penang?

A. The TOP Penang is the highest theme park in Penang with more than 18 thrilling and educational attractions all in one place.

Q. What can you do at The TOP Penang?

A. There is plenty to do at The TOP Penang, from wining and dining among the finest eateries, to exploring the indoor theme park’s enthralling attractions. Among these attractions, you will find something for every mood – from the thrilling Rainbow Skywalk to the peaceful Penang Boutique Aquarium and the riveting 7D Discovery Motion Theater.